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Locosonic powered project “CitySoundtrack” awarded with prestigious “Premi Alimara”

We are happy to announce that our barcelonese partner project CitySoundtrack has won the Premi Alimara Award for its innovative approach to city tourism. CitySoundtrack focusses on emotional tourism through musical sonification of emblematic places in cities. The CitySoundtrack app is fully powered by Locosonic technology. Locosonic is supported by CreatiFI and uses FIWARE technologies. Spread the love

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Locosonic produces Soundscape: 150 years of the Ringstrasse, Vienna

Emperor Franz Joseph officially opened Vienna’s Ringstrasse on May 1, 1865. Vienna is celebrating its 150th birthday in 2015 with numerous events and exhibitions. The most beautiful boulevard in the world not only has a wealth of sights, it also has large parks, important monuments, and much more. Another new attraction will be the new […]

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Locosonic is a brand new way to experience the world.

Locosonic is a brand new way to experience the sourroundings with splendid Soundscapes. Soundscapes are location-based audio tracks that reveal hidden stories and music, people and places at every turn. When you take a walk at your own pace and your one own schedule, you’ll put in your earbuds, slip your phone in your pocket […]

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